Belgotex carpets at unbeatable prices

Carpet Brokers supplies and services the entire range of flooring products from Belgotex Flooring. We have supplied and delivered on some the biggest Belgotex installation in Southern Africa. Passionate about bringing you the best value, pricing and service from the biggest carpet manufacturer in the market.
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belgotex's Story

Belgotex did not invent carpets but they have worked extremely hard to get it perfect. The first woven forms of floor coverings emerged during the Neolithic Age and were used by the nomads. Thickly knotted carpets were used for cold weather conditions and to avoid direct contact with the ground. It is also said that knotted carpets were used during festive and traditional ceremonies and as decorative items in dwellings.

Carpets have thus been used from the early ages to beautify homes and to keep people warm and comfortable. With so many flooring options available, one could easily ask why a carpet is a good choice. A carpet always gives the appearance of cosiness and reassurance. It does not matter if it is a child sleeping, a mother tiptoeing or a wife proudly showing off her house, carpets put any room in a different class.

Why Belgotex carpets?

   Style – the name Belgotex is synonymous with style. The various ranges are stain and crush resistant ensuring a lasting upmarket look and with various colours and patterns, any style can be enhanced with ease

    Clean and fresh air – carpets trap dust and germs in their upper layers that are removed with regular and thorough vacuuming, hence leaving the air clean, fresh and free from allergens

    Easy care – vacuuming once or twice a week ensures clean and fresh carpets, while all Belgotex carpets are stain proof to be able to remove unwanted spills and spots without discolouring or damaging the carpet

    Safety – Belgotex carpets have non-slip surfaces to prevent accidents and protect running children and the elderly

    Affordable – ranges vary from quality, yet cost effective to luxurious, more expensive choices. There is a carpet solution to suit any budget

    Variety – various textures, colours and styles make Belgotex an interior designer’s dream

    Thermal insulation – warm in water, cool in summer, carpets offer excellent thermal insulation and beats other floor coverings by far

    Sound absorption – noise reduction and improving of sound quality through minimising vibration and reflection Whether you are spending an evening at home, entertaining friends or enjoying family time, why not do it with the opulence of superior underfoot carpets? Belgotex carpets offer quality, relieve stress and fatigue and enhance any room.

With a reputation that has been built over many years, a Belgotex carpet gives you peace of mind with sound guarantees, excellent craftsmanship and reliable service.