Multi-Floor Resilient vinyl flooring

Floor Tiles that are resilient, hard wearing and can handle commercial traffic. These are affordable, tried and tested vinyl flooring which have been in service for many years.

MULTI-quartz Product Information


Size: 1.2mm (DIY) / 1.2mm (Bulk) / 1.6mm / 2.0mm / 2.5mm / 3.2mm

1.2mm (DIY): 1.8m2 per Pack (20 Tiles)

1.2mm: 7.2m2 per Box (4 Packets)

1.2mm (Bulk): 4.5m2 per Box (50 Tiles)

1.6mm*: 5.4m2 per Box (60 Tiles)

2.0mm*: 4.5m2 per Box (50 Tiles)

2.5mm*: 3.6m2 per Box (40 Tiles)

3.2mm*: 2.7m2 per Box (30 Tiles)

Recommended Adhesive: Solvent Free Acrylic