FAQ - Laminate Wood Flooring

A Guide for Distributors and Retailers.

What is laminate flooring?

The word "laminate" means bonding layers of material, Laminate flooring is a high-density, layered product constructed much like kitchen cQuntertops - only flooring laminate is 20times moreduroble! Laminate flooring consists of multiple layers fused together under heat and pressure. The surface layer is the protective finish or wear layer which can be smooth or textured. Its job is to resist fading and wear and to keep laminate easy-fa-clean. Next comes the imprinted colour and design layer. The third layer is the core, which gives the laminate foor structure, dimension and rigidity.

Is laminate flooring all the same?

No.. although "good" laminate is easy to find. Recently, laminate has become much more quality conscious as consumers demand BETTER products. the BEST they can find and especially those with LUXURY characteristics. KAINDL ONE offers three types. BETTER, BEST and LUXURY with features and benefits which grow as superiority improves, such as the Aqua Stop 6 moisture protection. static, bacterial and n(jse reducing technologies, precision-embossed surfaces, and more.

How long will a laminate floor last?

How long a laminate fooring product will last depends upon the product you are using and how well it is cared for. WarranTIes in excess of 25 years are becoming commonplace. KAINDL ONE offers three warranty levels for its Better, Best and Luxury lines - 15, 25 and 30 years respectively.

Is laminate flooring a proven product?

Laminate floors have been popular in Europe for more than 20 years, catching on in the United States in the 1990s. Kaindl Flooring, the largest manufacturer of laminate flooring in the world, is a pioneer in developing this product category and introduced its higher-quality KAINDL ONE brand to North America for 2006.

How does laminate flooring compare to other flooring surfaces?

Laminate is usually more durable than most other flooring surfaces. Laminate is less prone to dents and dings, has better stain resistance, and it resists shrinkage and swelling due to changes in temperature and humidity. KAINDL ONE is tough enough for light commercial use, yet they are styled for fashionable homeowners.

How do I care for my laminate floor?

Laminate is easy to care for. It needs no waxing, and typically all that is required is sweeping to remove surface grit, damp mopping and occasional spot treatment with a manufacture recommended cleaner.

Can laminate flooring be installed in my bathroom or kitchen?

Most modern laminate flooring can be installed in both kitchens and bathrooms. Look for built-in moisture fighting technologies like Kaindl's Aqua Stop 6.

Can I install laminate over old flooring?

Laminate can be installed over most existing hard surface floors - not carpet. however - providing the existing floor rests solidly on the sub-floor.

What about noise?

In order to minimise the sound. laminate manufacturers have advanced manufacturing technologies like Kaindl Silence, an attached backing whk::h reduces airborne sound by 50%.

How is laminate flooring installed?

Laminate is what is called a floating floor, installed without fasteners or adhesivse over the sub-floor upon which it rests or "floats". This fast and clean method of lock-together installation allows floors to expand and control without buckling, cracking or joints opening up.