Kaindl history in Austria

One of the top recognized European leaders in laminate flooring

Step ahead. Since 1897.

100 years of tradition, 100 years of innovation: what began as a small sawmill in 1897 has meanwhile grown into a global player in the field of flooring and interior design. With products that have always been a step ahead. With plants and high-tech installations that set new standards in the wood-processing industry. And with employees who live out their passion for wood every single day.

Yesterday meets today

For more than 100 years Kaindl has continued to demonstrate just how innovative a company with a rich history can be. What began as a small sawmill in Lungötz in 1897 is now taking the world by storm from Salzburg with a never-ending supply of new ideas and products.

1897. Originally founded as a sawmill that very quickly developed into a recognised specialist in wood processing.

1962. In 1962 Kaindl began producing chipboard and was amongst the first to do so.

1982. Complete restructuring in Lungotz. Becoming a new plant for continuous processed laminate and work tops.

1989. In 1989 a disastrous major fire almost completely destroyed the Salzburg production works. At a cost totaling some 150 million Euro, the Kaindl establishment in Salzburg was rebuilt and modernised.

1989. Laminate flooring production comes on stream. Within 10 years Kaindl joins the ranks of the world market leaders.

1999. In 1999 and MDF plant representing a total investment of 88 million Euros is built within the short space of 6 months was built on the company owned land in Salzburg.

2000. The Kaindl Megastore – located immediately next door to the Salzburg production works and providing 40,000 sqm of storage space – ensures the smooth running distribution of the entire stock programme.

2007. Opening the Kaindl Floor Warehouse. Store. Showroom. Competence Centre. Offers a completely new dimension of customer communication on 1,200 sqm.

2008. Commissioning the Floor Factory. High-tech factory and think tank. KAINDL TWO and real wood floors and KAINDL THREE laminate tiles are designed and produced here.


Innately ecological

Having Salzburg's beautiful natural landscape right outside the door could well have something to do with Kaindl's profound sense of responsibility with regard to protecting the environment. It is a responsibility that starts in the forest. We process virtually exclusively log wood from thinning work in domestic forests as well as wood residue from the sawmill industry. And that is only one of many ecological milestones


Environmental protection meets quality of life.

The carrier bases for our floors are made exclusively of wood from PEFC-certified forests. And the „GREENGUARD“ label guarantees the high quality of the air in your rooms`

Kaindl Finoboard

The ready-made abrasion-proof surface. Sanding and lacquering are a thing of the past, and that protects humans and the environment.

Kaindl Super E0

The first board in the world that has as little formaldehyde as naturally grown wood. A milestone for health and well-being!

Naturally perfect disposal.


90% of the content in Kaindl flooring and wood-based materials is wood. They do not qualify as hazardous waste and their disposal is therefore unproblematic as regards both energy and materials, even years later. And that is not all: more than 86% of our flooring material is recycled and used for producing chipboard and fibreboard – a prime example of modern recycling.