Laminate Wood Characteristics

Details on HDF laminate wood flooring

Thank you for the trust you have put in Kaindl Laminated Flooring, you have just purchased exceptionally high quality flooring.

  1. Wood is a hygroscopic material; it can absorb and release water. Your laminated floor reacts to the climate of the room. Wood adapts to the ambient humidity levels and, as a result, its dimensions are subject to slight changes.
    Consider the following tolerances:
    • straightness of the panel lengthwise - 0.25 mm per panel
    • flatness of the panel width wise - 0.25 mm
    • openings between panels average 0.15 mm
    • height difference between panels - average 0.15 mm

    Gaps will vary according to the climatic conditions prevailing at the time.

  2. Kaindl Laminated Flooring is installed as a "floating floor", i.e, the panels are not glued, nailed or attached to the floor in any way. Because wood is a natural product it is influenced by changes in temperature and humidity. 10-15 mm expansion gaps are allowed al the following points:
    • when joining to walls and other solid elements
    • under doors and skirting boards
    • when joining to another floor covering

    These expansion gaps are masked using special profiles

  3. The final installed floor is a combination of separate elements, like a puzzle, incorporating the tolerances mentioned above and, therefore, the joints between elements would be visible and the floor surface will not be absolutely smooth.

    Please note that when inspecting the panelled surface of the floor for dimensional changes one should stand upright and not view it against an angled source of light, false light or counter light.