Profiles and Expansion Joints

Details of Profiles and Expansion joints

Kaindl offers end profiles, transition profiles and reducer profiles to ensure expansion joints are made to a professional standard.

available in various decors
bars of 270 cm
Packaging unit:
1 bundle - 10 bars = 27 lm
Article Name
End profile
This profile is used where a Kaindl floor joins up with different floor coverings in adjacent rooms. The under floor should be lowered to match the thickness as the Kaindl floor.
This profile is also suitable to close off against balcony doors, flooring at a higher level, fireplaces, etc. In other words, wherever skirting cannot be installed as a finish.
Transition Profile
This profile is used wherever the size of the floor area or the geometry of the room make expansion joints necessary.
Reducer Profile
Reducer profiles are used to make joints between Kaindl flooring and thinner floor coverings.

Caution: It is essential to ensure there is enough room inside the profile itself for the Kaindl floor to move - at least 8 mm (if the Kaindl floor abuts against a hard surface and cannot move it will either warp or tear at one of the connection points - block rupture).

The end, transition and reducer profiles are pushed onto basic profiles screwed into the flooring.

Two-part profiles like these have the advantage of universal use for Kaindl floor thicknesses ranging from approx. 6 to 10 mm; if necessary, they can be opened to allow reworking.